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You use SkyScanner for flights, TripAdvisor for your hotel, and now MoneyStyle for sending money worldwide.

Why accept fees of 5 – 10% eroding your money when sending money internationally?

MoneyStyle changes remittance, for the first time providing visitors an unbiased comparison of money transfer fees, services, and speed, from our comprehensive database.

MoneyStyle compares banks, money transfer operators, and even crypto exchanges, breaking down your options by:

  • Price (including listing all fees and charges)
  • Speed
  • Locations
  • Volume
  • Amount of verification required
  • Sending payment type (EFT, Cash, Bank Transfer etc.)
  • Receiving payment type

The data is (almost) live, with rates updated on average every few minutes.


Matthew Goodwin

Matthew Goodwin is an entrepreneur, with a passion for the high-tech. While starting several successful internet-based ventures after university, he’s developed a diverse set of skills that link customers to services using bleeding-edge technology.

Having experienced being in a foreign country without access to money, and being forced to pay thousands due to a lack of competition in the remittance space, I developed MoneyStyle as way to do the legwork of finding the best deal, all in a click.

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